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Diets are a pain. Fridge Graph is a free on-line service to make losing weight a bit more fun! A few of the features include:

Track your weight loss plan visually with a simple web interface. You can start by setting up a personal weight loss plan - how much weight you want to lose by what date. Then you can add new weights over time, and even add comments to each weight. Fridge Graph will display your progress as a graph and tell you how well you are keeping to your goal. It will also calculate your BMI and BMR, and much more. [See an Example]. There is even an optimized version of the site for mobile/cell phones.

If you want to up the ante in your weight loss plan, you can share your graph with friends and family, including other Fridge Graph members. They will be able to view your progress at any time. The idea being that peer pressure and the potential for public humiliation may help you stay on target better. [View All Users]

You can also create Challenges, where you invite other Fridge Graph members to see who can lose the most weight over a certain period of time. If you like, you could set up your own incentives and prizes for the winner(s) - Fridge Graph leaves that part of the fun up to you though. We'll just track who's winning for you. [See an Example] or [View User Challenges]

The Forums feature lets you connect and interact with other Fridge Graph users. You can use this feature to ask questions, engage in chats, share tips for staying on track with your weight loss goal, and even find other Fridge Graph users to engage in challenges with.

Fridge Graph provides several gadgets and apps for your favorite social networking sites. If you use Facebook, you can also display your weight graph on your Facebook profile [Learn More]. And if you use iGoogle, you can also add a Fridge Graph gadget to your personalized Google home page [Learn More]. You can also subscribe to an RSS feed of your, and all your friends', progress.

Fridge Graph also provides several conversion and calculation tools to support your weight loss plan. These include a weight conversion tool, a Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator, and a Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) calculator. These tools are available even without signing up for a Fridge Graph account.

You also get a diet/fitness journal feature as well as the ability to create multiple weight loss goals and export your graph data to Excel; and we'll also remove all banner ads from the site while you're logged in! [Learn More]

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